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Kuang Ju is the author of the newly published book, So Now So Tao! A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth .   


Kuang Ju Wu is a modern Taoist Master who studied and practiced for over 25 years with various traditional and renowned Taoist, Buddhist, and qigong masters in Asia. He was educated in the West at Columbia University and Cambridge University while continuing his Eastern spiritual discipline. Pursuing a financial career after graduation, he was formerly an investment banker on Wall Street. Currently, he is a business consultant and executive and life coach in Newport Beach as well as a spiritual teacher giving seminars throughout the United States and Canada. Kuang Ju also is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council of which some members appeared in the movie “The Secret”. Advising many successful people and executives, Kuang Ju teaches one how to integrate spiritual practice in one's work and daily life.


Kuang Ju shares with us some of his own personal experience in his journey of self-mastery.  


"I began my spiritual journey at a very young age having been born in Asia and raised in the West.    I always lived a dual existence between the East and the West and the spiritual and material worlds.   While being educated in the West, I continued to learn Eastern wisdom, meditation, martial arts, qigong, and healing from various renowned Asian masters.    Also, when I entered the business and financial world, I continued my spiritual practice and integrated it into my work and daily life.  What I discovered was the duality was just an illusion that could be overcome by an integrated spiritual approach to life.  


On the one hand, through my business career, I met a lot of successful people who had accumulated some wealth and lived a fairly comfortable material lifestyle. Yet, they didn't seem totally happy or content. They seemed to be searching for some deeper meaning and fulfillment that they couldn't find just pursuing their material goals. On the other hand, through my spiritual studies, I met a lot of people who were successful at finding spiritual meaning in life but struggled daily to make ends meet. I saw that both extremes of material or spiritual success still left something missing in their lives. These extremes were based on a misconception that material success and spiritual meaning were diametrically opposed. Consequently, one who was materially abundant didn't feel there was any need for spiritual meaning, while one who was spiritually involved didn't see the value of pursuing a successful material lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that in modern day living, we need both material and spiritual fulfillment in order to achieve happiness.


My book, So Now So Tao! A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth, came out of the need to address this duality in modern society and to teach people how they can have both an abundant material life as well as a spiritually meaningful one now in the present. When I began writing this book, I wanted to demystify the Taoist teachings and apply their ageless wisdom in a practical manner to solve modern day problems. I felt that such a book could help everyday people find a balance in their lives, so that they can achieve true happiness and fulfillment."

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