Some excerpts from key chapters of this book are reproduced below:


What is Taoism?


Taoism is a way of life. It is neither a philosophy, which is a way of thought, nor is it religion, which is a way of institutional spiritual practice. Taoism, first and foremost, is a way of life which brings together the spiritual, the mental, the emotional and the physical. ... Let us say that there is a spiritual aspect to it, a very spiritual aspect to it, which encourages humans to return to their spiritual nature through synthesizing and harmonizing all of their dimensions -- from the physical, emotional, mental and finally spiritual.



On Meditation


Meditation in modern day living is not always easy because of the hustle and bustle of modern day society; everything is going so fast all the time. How does one meditate? One meditates by first having the intention to meditate. For when you have the intention to do something, you will find the time and make the time, and you will find time from your hectic schedule. Having the intention is the beginning.


On Sexuality


Sexuality has several functions. The first function for humanity and civilization is for the propagation of the species. The second function is pleasure. The third function is transformation.  Most people in modern society only understand sexuality as propagation of children, and there is now more focus on pleasure. Very few understand sexuality in terms of spiritual transformation. 


On Family


To bring up a family in the Taoist context is not very easy. What I said before is marriage is to propagate the species. However, when you bring a child into the world, the problem with parents is that they feel that they own the child and that the child belongs to them. But in reality, the child belongs to himself.


On Career


From a Taoist point of view, we say the choice of career is not so important. More important than career is one’s choice of his path of life. That is, how one chooses to live his or her life and integrate whatever job he is working within that larger context. For the Taoist, career is not predominant like in modern society, but the way of life is predominant. That is the Tao


On Power


Personal power is self power. It is the ability to harness the energies of the universe within oneself. And when you have that power, indeed you will be able to influence others. You will be able to manifest things through your thoughts and desires. But to cultivate that power, you must be operating in line with the Tao.


On Nature


When man continues to work against the Tao, against the natural order of things in heaven and earth and the laws of nature, then nature will come back and teach man a lesson. This is indeed a time of crisis for mankind, and he needs to open his eyes wider. The more he ignores the importance of this period and the damage he has been doing to the environment and nature, he will then risk his very existence.


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