So Now So TAO !


Do you feel that something is missing in your life, even though you may have a successful career and a happy family or relationship? Can spiritual meaning be found in today’s material lifestyle? Are you able to solve many fundamental problems that confront all of us in our complex lives?


Modern Taoism is not a religion but a way of life that teaches you to be successful in the material world while integrating spiritual meaning in your daily activity. This new approach applies ageless wisdom to solving the problems of modern living with a sense of inner peace and joy. By learning to flow with the Tao, you will be able to manifest your dreams and find fulfillment in everything you do.


So Now So Tao!  will show you how to get in touch with your true nature and empower you in the following areas of your life:


·   Sex, Love, and Relationship

·   Career and Abundance

·   Happiness and Emotions

·   Personal Power and Fame

·   Controlling your Fate and Destiny

·   Realizing your full potential

·   Internal Energy and Qigong

·   Integration of Body, Mind, Spirit

·   Living in accordance with the TAO



This newly published book, So Now So Tao! A Taoist Approach to Harmonic Wealth , by Kuang Ju Wu, a modern Taoist Master, discuss practical applications of Taoist secrets and knowledge that could help you achieve harmonic wealth. This means integrating all aspects of your life including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in a harmonious wholeness that results in true happiness and personal fulfillment.


This book is now available at selected bookstores or you can now buy it online.  


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